The role of hydraulic grapples in the lifting sector

In the field of construction special attention deserves the hydraulic grapples.

In this area the handling needs are really the most varied.

From heavy carpentry to shipbuilding, to all the different sectors where the problem of lifting and transporting heavy and bulky materials is imposed on a daily level, hydraulic grapples are an indispensable tool.

High performance in the face of unparalleled safety

It is clear how the selection of hydraulic grapples to be used in construction requires a deep knowledge acquired in the field: as the lifting of bulky, heavy, sometimes tons of materials, there is a danger and a threat to the safety of people, specifically, workers working in the construction sector in which the use of hydraulic grapples is called to operate.

To this is added the opportunity to preserve the integrity of the things that, in the presence of instruments not valid, could be destroyed with all the consequences also of economic character that derive therefrom.

That’s why turning to leadership companies in the industry makes it inappropriate, but indispensable.

The experience gained in mechanical lifting must be accompanied by the profound knowledge of the characteristics and the correct functioning of the lifting equipment.

Features that make hydraulic grapples a high quality product

hydraulic grapples are part of the hydraulic equipment used for lifting. Not all the pliers on the market offer, however, the quality expected and hoped: they expect efficiency, quality, reliability.

In order for these characteristics to be present, it is preferable to force innovation on the use of technology. In addition, the hydraulic grapples can be considered really high quality when made with special steels, because as far as the common steel is already an excellent product, it is not sufficiently up to the safety and efficiency objectives to be achieved.

Ideally, for example, a high-strength steel alloy suitable for horizontal lifting of metal drums is revealed. Many models of hydraulic grapples Enjoy specific protections designed to not damage the material to be handled in the most absolute way.

Sometimes, in fact, however heavy and cumbersome, this material can also be very delicate and vulnerable to scratches and injuries (think, for example, for outdoor sheets).

Other models, however, have the possibility to assemble stainless steel cams.

The best hydraulic grapples are those that allow the handling and laying of the material raised both horizontally and vertically: This allows you to gain time and minimize the effort. Moreover, another essential factor: the testing.

These tools must be thoroughly tested and tested before use in construction sites, developing the most advanced techniques in the sector and using heavy loads.

These manoeuvres are also necessary to verify with certainty the maximum load that the hydraulic grapples can support.

So what, in fact, ensures that reliability that is expected from this latest generation product.

With hydraulic grapples It is not a joke: Best bet on quality products, highly reliable and safe.

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